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rooftop celebrations

July 25, 2017

nate and i celebrated our birthdays this july… how funny is it that there are 3 cancer babies in our family… my brother, sister-in-law and nephew are july babies too.

this year nate and i thought it could be fun to have a little roof top gathering with a small group of friends. nate captured the evening beautifully. (special thanks to megan for the killer balloons!) Continue Reading…

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hbd hayden!

July 19, 2017

hayden turned 6!! i can’t believe it really. he has gotten so big and its still a bit surreal to me that this little prince of mine is going into first grade this september.

for hayden’s birthday party we celebrated it at the cobble hill cinemas with a special viewing of despicable me 3!  Continue Reading…

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happy birthday alexa!

May 22, 2017

i can’t believe this girl is already seven years old. how did that go by so fast? it seems like yesterday we were celebrating her rock n roll two-year-old birthday party on the west side highway! dance parties are a theme, clearly. two years ago we celebrated at this very same spot–downtown dance factory. she loved it so much she asked to go back this year… nate and i were both fully onboard as they make dance parties SO easy for the parents. Continue Reading…

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ak turns six

May 8, 2016

i’m behind… i mean, WAY behind on posts. i think i am just in that stage of life where there isn’t a spare moment lately. anyway, i didn’t want to go without posting about ak’s sixth birthday party!

since alexa is such a great little artist we figured it was appropriate to have an art-inspired birthday party. we decided to have the party at this cute little spot in williamsburg called the painted cloud.
Continue Reading…

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a princess cake how-to

April 28, 2015

this is maybe my greatest cake masterpiece to date! please note, i am not a baker and i need to take a class in baking… but, i am pretty proud of this nonetheless! it’s not as hard as you think… here are the details on how you can do it yourself! Continue Reading…

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let’s go sailing…

July 14, 2014

hayden birthday 1
this weekend was so crazy. it started on thursday with the arrival of nate’s parents (it was a surprise for nate’s birthday) and a huge surprise party for nate. since hayden’s birthday was the day after i had spent some time trying to figure out what to do that would be fun for everyone and a good surprise for my boys… i decided to go sailing!

it turns out its not that hard to charter a small sailboat and captain to take you around the hudson for a couple hours… i found him on craigslist and that is probably the first time i have used craigslist in at least a couple years! nate and i always talk about how we wish we could go on more boats together and hayden loves any kind of boat, car, train, plane, etc. so, we went to newport harbour in new jersey to meet up with captain gene and go out for an afternoon sail.

hayden birthday 2
hayden and alexa were excited to be on the boat, but also a little weary of being out on the water like that for the first time.

hayden birthday 4

hayden birthday 4a
hayden drive the boat for a minute or two… what a natural.

hayden birthday 5

hayden birthday 6
while this isn’t the first time we have taken a boat out on the hudson, this was the most spectacular because it was a more intimate experience than being on a ferry with hundreds of other people trying to get the same amazing photo of the city. it wasn’t too choppy out on the water which was really nice… and the weather was just perfect.

hayden birthday 7

hayden birthday 8a copy
can’t beat seeing lady liberty up close like this.

hayden birthday 8a

hayden birthday 8aa
alexa is not much for motion… cars, boats, planes, etc… she has a pretty sensitive tummy. she laid on my lap for most of the time just relaxing… in a very glam movie star kind of way of course.

hayden birthday 9

hayden birthday 10

hayden birthday 11

hayden birthday 15

hayden birthday 12

hayden birthday 13
it was such a special treat to have nana and papa here to celebrate nate and hayden’s birthdays… its always so nice to have family in town.

hayden birthday 14
happiest of happy birthdays to nate and hayden. i hope it was a special one. love you both so much. xo



little ones

my boys…

July 10, 2014

1 daddy shave_small
today is a big day for these two boys–well, mostly for nate. it’s his birthday today… and as it happens, hayden’s is tomorrow. it seemed like the perfect day to post these photos of nate and hayden’s first “shave.” i got nate a harry’s “father & son shave set” for father’s day and they had a blast trying it out. this is one of my favorite posts as of late. so in love with these boys.

2 daddy shave_small


5 daddy shave_small

4 daddy shave_small

3 daddy shave_small

6 daddy shave_small