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day trips: the long island sound

August 24, 2013

lady & prince
today was one of my favorite days of the summer. we went out to visit a dear friend of mine in rye, new york. we spent the day at the manursing island club along the beautiful the long island sound.

i rarely travel by train with the two on my own simply because a double stroller, two squirmy toddlers and commuting from brooklyn to grand central to get on board a train sounds like a recipe for disaster, but today the little ones were amazing. i guess they felt like it was a special day–taking a trip with mommy all by themselves. the truth is, it was special and i think i was the most excited.

the weather was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. from playing in the sand, throwing rocks in the ocean, splashing around in the pool to messy ice cream cones, it was end of summer dreamy.

whenever i see alexa play in the sand i’m always a little thankful that we made it past her initial phobia of sand. alexa’s first memorable beach experience was a bit of a nightmare. we were in montauk, right before hayden was born, and alexa wouldn’t get near the sand… she threw a fit and we sat on the towel for awhile and eventually left the beach. it was not a great experience.

sometimes i look at pictures of hayden and i am amazed he is just 2 years old, he looks like such a little man! i’m so obsessed with his plaid rash gaurd and board shorts from a company called swim zip. he is wearing a suit called the prepster… so appropriate for an afternoon at a beach club!




ice cream, as usual, was the highlight of their day. by the time they had finished their cones they were covered in ice cream from head to toe–literally.