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proud big sis

June 4, 2017

a couple weekends ago nate, the kids and i drove down to baltimore to be with my family and celebrate my little sister gaby’s graduation from the maryland institute college of art. Continue Reading…

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a little family roadtrip to baltimore

November 18, 2014

this past weekend we took a quick (really quick!) road trip to baltimore to visit my little sister (aka tia gaby) at school. she is a sophmore at mica (the maryland institute and college of art). she has visited us in nyc more times then we can count so it was the least we could do to take a little trip to see her! it was actually a pretty easy 4 hour drive and alexa and hayden did pretty well considering they are not “car” kids. subways and taxis are really much more their style ;-)

the campus at mica is small, but charming. it was so great to get a little sneak peek into my little sis’s everyday life at school.

gaby’s dorm/apartment is pretty amazing. it is easily way nicer than nate and i’s first and second… maybe even third apartment in nyc. her room instantly brought out the creative energy in the kids… they immediately asked to sit with their tia and draw.

gaby is a fibers major. it is so exciting to see her talents develop. she is a true artist and seeing her blossom is such a treat. she and i are 14.5 years apart… i was actually in the delivery room when she was born–i cut her umbilical cord!! she and i have been close since then. i remember rushing home on the weekends when i was in college just so i could pick her up from daycare, take her to mcdonalds and then to go feed the ducks at our neighborhood lake. kind of surreal that now we are driving to her college to take her out to dinner! life passes by fast!



2gaby showed us around baltimore… one of my favorite areas was fells point–the historic district of baltimore. 3it was so SO cold that day. we were fully layered from head to toe! special thanks to lilla p. and this cozy sweater they sent me–love!4




here are a couple of the spots we hit for food!
papi’s taco – yummy chips, salsa and margaritas!
regi’s bistro – cheese and bacon covered tater tots… need i say more?
kilwin’s chocolate kitchen – dark chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles for them and sea salt and caramel for us!
on the hill cafe – delicious coffee… and food apparently, although we tried to eat there and it was too full both times! next time!!
artifact coffee – the BEST sausage, egg and cheese english muffin sandwich you will ever have… and that says a lot since i am from the south!

also, as a side note, we stayed at the lord baltimore hotel and it was lovely! definitely would stay there again.


7lastly, we made one quick stop at this charming stoop. this is where frank and claire underwood live on the tv show house of cards. seriously can’t wait for the show to come back on–c’mon netflix!!

it was such a fun trip–we can’t wait to go back and visit tia gaby again!