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take me out to the ball game

June 12, 2017

we recently took the kids to their first baseball game ever–the mets versus the pirates! nate and i are mets fans… even though that is only truly because we have never been to a yankees game. not necessarily by choice, but because it always seems to work out that we make it to a mets game versus a yankees game, therefore we have become mets fans. we both grew up in atlanta so we are historically braves fans, but we have since transitioned away from the tomahawk chop.

the kids were so excited about the night’s game. we were too, although a 7:30pm game seemed a bit ambitious with these 3, but we decided to tackle it.  Continue Reading…

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brooklyn blues #oldnavystyle

February 21, 2016

today is the first day we have left the apartment with the kids in over a week. all three of the kids were sick… it was the worst. on top of all that it was fashion week for me and nate had knee surgery. seriously? you can’t make up these scenarios. i kept trying to put it all into perspective and tell myself that it wasn’t that bad, but i definitely had a couple of moments where i thought i was totally unraveling (some of my mom friends in our building can attest to that–thanks for helping with the “sick baby stuff” ladies!). since the kids are seemingly on the mend, we thought they could use some fresh air so we took a stroll along the brooklyn bridge waterfront.b Continue Reading…

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my boys

December 29, 2015

i have a secret to share… if i had been asked what i wanted when i was pregnant, i probably would have said i wanted another boy. i am thrilled that hayden has a little brother… and alexa and i are girly enough for one household. the only thing about having boys is that they aren’t normally as fun to dress. with girls there are a ton of amazing options out there, but it does seem super limited for boys. i have a handful of brands that are my favorite and i will share them over time, but old navy does a pretty great job at making adorable looks for boys. Continue Reading…

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cozy looks for fall #oldnavystyle

October 27, 2015

last weekend we took the kids to see the new PAN movie–they loved it… we thought it was so-so. i am still more of a HOOK fan!

the walk to the brooklyn movie theater we go to is so lovely–one of the many benefits of living in a city where you don’t always have to drive. so, we took a leisurely stroll and let the kids run around and enjoy the first taste of the chilly fall weather–which i love!  Continue Reading…

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the farm life #vermont

September 4, 2015

last weekend we headed out to vermont for a little family getaway–well, actually, it was actually for one of nate’s bike races (the rapha prestige–which is technically an “adventure” not a “race”). i’ll take any chance to get out of town and turn something into a family adventure. we stayed at a vrbo in dorset with a couple more of nate’s bike friends… can you believe this was the view from the front porch. so breathtaking. on saturday, while nate and his friends were on their “biking adventure” for 9 hours (!!!) we decided to visit some farms… Continue Reading…

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when in hershey… #oldnavystyle

August 19, 2015

this past saturday we took a little surprise road trip with the kids to hershey park. we had never been and i was in need of an out of town getaway (i am ALWAYS looking for an out of town getaway!). i’m always trying to dream up some sort of fun adventures for the kids… from what i researched online it seemed to me that hershey park was going to be a hit!  Continue Reading…

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starting #backtoschool shopping early!

July 31, 2015

on alexa / sleeveless dress in multi swing dot / on hayden / rugby striped tee & patterned canvas shorts in camo.

someone pinch me. how did this time go by so fast! it was just a year ago that we started posting stories in collaboration with old navy (like this one here!) and the kids have changed so much. i think one of the things i love most about blogging is being able to look back and see the kids transition over time.

i’ve started my “back to school” ordering process already so i had the kids try a couple of their new looks on… this of course turned into a mini photo shoot in our apartment. Continue Reading…

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vintage summer style

June 30, 2015

on alexa: swiss dot cami and denim bermuda shorts (with a little of my DIY help distressing them!)
on hayden: california tee and plaid canvas shorts

we are out at the outer banks in north carolina for a HUGE family reunion, which i will eventually blog about, but in the meantime had to share some cute beachy and summery pictures of alexa and hayden. another little shout out to old navy because they have the cutest summer clothes for the kids right now. i love how these vintage-y feel of these pictures… kind of makes me think of the wonder years for some reason. stay tuned for a full recap of our napa trip and the beach trip when we are back from vacation!  Continue Reading…

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one of my favorite “mom” memories…

May 12, 2015

i know mother’s day has passed, but i had to share this amazing illustration done by martha napier of marnani design for old navy. she illustrated one of my favorite memories as a mom.

it’s hard to choose a favorite memory… i was telling nate that i feel so blessed because we have so many great memories that it was hard to think of just one. i decided to choose a memory that was really special to me because it was, in a way, a fusion of the old me and the new “mom” version of me. i’ve written about it before, but a moment in time that i cherish is when we took alexa to paris when she was 3 months old. i am so passionate about travel and adventure and was determined to make that a part of our parenting journey. taking a trip with a 3 month old to paris (plus a pit stop in belgium) officially checked that off the list. we didn’t have a lot of money at the time so we stayed way off the beaten path in a 3 story walk up with a lofted bed so to say it was an adventure is an understatement. we walked the streets of paris with alexa in a sling or in her snap n’ go. we took her to the tuilleries, to the tour eiffel, to sacre coeur, to notre dame and to the last stage of the tour de france. it was magical and a memory that i will forever be thankful for.

thanksold navy and martha napier for this beautiful illustration to remind me of this special moment in time.